AAF’s AmerShield pre-filter offers superior levels of filtration

AmerShield Installed

Low cost pleated pre-filters have a short life expectancy and lower protection than gas turbine operator’s desire. For that reason, AAF has developed a patented technology that filters the air to a MERV 8 (G4) rating and still has a very low airflow resistance.

World-leading gas turbine pre-filter

AmerShield offers superior levels of filtration, protecting and extending the life of final filters. It also has a much longer filter life in comparison to traditional gas turbine pre-filters. When you combine these factors with the low pressure drop and improved gas turbine performance the total cost of ownership can be significantly improved.

One site in North America has achieved an 84% reduction in pre-filter changes since switching to AmerShield. Significantly, reducing the frequency of pre-filter changes reduced the overall cost of ownership in comparison to the original source of supply. To discover more please complete the form below to download the full case study.

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