HydroShield EPA E11 cartridge filter increases overall profitability & reliability

AAF’s HydroShield with coalescing pre-filter wrap
AAF’s HydroShield with coalescing pre-filter wrap

The GE Frame 7FA gas turbine in question was located in New York close to a major airport, other power plants, major highways, and a large waterway. The coastal and urban environment was filled with high levels of hydrocarbons and soot, as well as salt and sand. Sea fogs and mists were also common, especially during the spring and the fall.

Advanced filtration results in a performance increase

The existing MERv 16 or F9 filter cartridges resulted in a compressor efficiency decrease of approximately 3.9% over six months. AAF upgraded the filters to HydroShield EPA E11. The HydroShield filter media is based upon proven AAF proprietary technology designed to maintain the penetration efficiency of the filter through its lifetime, while still ensuring a low pressure drop to keep turbine output stable.

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