Evaporative cooler upgrade on two 55MW gas turbines resulted in a significant power gain

AAF’s customer is based Phoenix in the US where very dry weather can peak in the summer at temperatures as high as 120 °F (49 °C). These high summer temperatures were significantly reducing the maximum gas turbine power output and the customer wanted to recover this lost capacity.


The original installation was no longer fit for purpose

The customer had two 55 MW gas turbines, the filter housings included integrated evaporative cooling to reduce the temperature of the inlet air but these housings were no longer meeting the customer’s expectations. This became a major problem when a new contact required both gas turbines to run significantly more efficiently.

The solution was a complete overhaul of the inlet system with new filtration, cooling and silencing to meet the customer’s requirements. To discover the details of the exact solution, the power output gained, and the overall benefits received please complete the form below to download the full case study.

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