Self-cleaning, Plug & Play compact bag collector

The Arrestall® is a highly efficient, compact, and intermittent dust collector for small and medium volume dry applications. With twelve sizes available it can accommodate airflows from 1,000 CFM up to 8,000 CFM.

The ArrestAll® utilizes a shaker mechanism in lieu of compressed air pulsing to clean the filters. This off-line cleaning ensures reduced energy consumption and increased savings.

Designed as a Plug & Play equipment, the Arrestall® integrates all the components necessary for an intuitive, effortless operation, and start-up with simple maintenance.

Arrestall® bag filters are mounted on a single cassette, which allows for a quick, simplified change-out.


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Compact design and small footprint


Simplified maintenance


NFPA compliant for indoor applications


Features & Benefits

  • Compact Plug & Play equipment – Built-in fan, electrical panel, and dust bin. Pleated bags are also used to minimize the space needed.
  • No compressed air required, reducing the cost of installation and operation
  • Intermittent use and Offline filtration can reduce energy costs.
  • Simplified maintenance – As a result of the cassette that allows replacing the bag filters all at once.
  • NFPA 68 compliant – Safety for Indoor woodworking is assured.
  • Different options for discharge system and fan meeting any industry’s needs.
Material Handling

Material Handling

Safely recover your product to potentially save money, reduce emissions, and improve indoor air quality in your workshop

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Material Transport

Material Transport

Keep indoor and outdoor emissions under control. Mitigate the risks of dust generation when transferring powdered materials.

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Material Processing

Material Processing

Dust emissions from indoor industrial operations can contaminate the atmosphere. Ensure a safe workplace, avoid exposure risks with an AAF dust collector.

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