PulsePak® Prime

Pleated cartridge dust collector for a large capacity in a small footprint

PulsePak® Prime dry dust cartridge collector provides a high filtration efficiency at a wide range of air flows, from 3,000CFM up to 120,000CFM. Its small footprint is due to the unique filter vertical arrangement of AAF’s proprietary pleated cartridges.

With a top inlet downflow operation and the use of a pulse cleaning system, PulsePak® Prime operates with less internal turbulence, ensuring a lower differential pressure and a low operation cost even with high dust concentrations.

This high filtration capacity makes this equipment a suitable solution for mining applications and industrial minerals industries. Ability to operate both indoors and outdoors due to the small space required and the simplified side door maintenance.


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Small footprint


Easy maintenance


High Dust Capacity

PulsePak Prime_Front View
PulsePak Prime_Opened Door
PulsePak Prime_Application

Features & Benefits

  • Unique pleated cartridge arrangement – Enables a compact design that results in a smaller footprint than other solutions at the same airflow average
  • Simplified maintenance – Large access doors minimize inspection and cartridge change-out time
  • Descending air flow – Increased efficiency during the cleaning cycles.
  • Large dust concentrations – Though compact, can handle high air flows
Bulk Material Handling

Bulk Material Handling

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Bulk Material Conveying

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Material Processing

Material Processing

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