RotoClone® N

A customizable wet collector for high dust concentrations

The RotoClone® N is a wet dust collector that combines the flexibility of a highly customizable air filtration solution with the superior performance that only robust equipment can offer when operating in challenging environments and industries.

Available in three different arrangements and with a comprehensive list of sizes (from 10 to 15 on each arrangement), this dust extraction system is designed to meet a large range of filtration needs in applications with volumes from 1,400 to 48,000 CFM.

The RotoClone® N has been specially designed to handle sticky dust in industries with high humidity processes while ensuring continuous operation. NFPA compliant, it’s the ideal solution for explosive atmospheres on industries such as plastic & rubber, industrial minerals, or aggregates.


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Group 50

Wide range of airflows covered


Lots of possible configurations and sizes


Superior performance on challenging applications


Features & Benefits

  • High-quality stainless-steel equipment – Durable and strong in accordance with the toughness of the processes it operates on.
  • Superior performance in combustible dust filtration – Safety increase assured by its NFPA compliance.
  • Many possible final configurations, sizes, layouts and arrangements – Meets the specific needs of the industry in space, conditions, shapes and disposals.
  • Minimum maintenance and easy operation – Access doors with quick-opening handles provide agile access to the interior of the equipment.
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