A proper filtration solution is required on mixing processes not only to control indoor dust emissions but also to ensure a correct operation performance.

Mixing 50/50

Avoiding indoor dust concentrations

Dust can be generated not only during the mixing process, but during the additives feeding or material transfer process.

If the product needs to be recovered and returned to the process certain dust collectors or a filtration units will support the operation reducing indoor emissions and potential health hazards for employees.

Ensuring the proper air filtration solution

The type of dust and its particle size are two of all the considerations that are needed to be made when defining the best filtration solution for a mixing process.

Potential explosive materials will require an ATEX certified dust collector to eliminate fire risks; bigger particles will need to be treated differently than fine particles, and therefore, a different dust collection solution will be defined for an efficient extraction.

The mixing operation is often cyclic, not a continuous process and therefore the emissions generated, and airflow needed can vary depending on the stage the process is in. This lack of stability in the level of dust concentration generated need to also be considered for a proper air filtration solution definition.

Original Equipment Manufacturing Partnership

With compact and Plug & Play options, a longer life cycle, and reduced maintenance costs, AAF’s range of dry and wet dust collectors perfectly meet mixing application’s needs.

With bags and cartridge collecting options and different final layouts available, these standardised solutions and our custom services provide the perfect bundle for material processing machinery Original Equipment Manufacturers, creating a plug & play solution that simplifies the end user’s commission and start-up.

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