A compact oil mist collector for small airflows

Designed for small volume air flows, DynaPure ® is a unique, self-contained filtration system. It is designed for efficient source capture of mist generated by wet machining, spraying, and lubrication systems up to 1,000CFM.

With a compact size and a small footprint, its performance is based on the use of centrifugal fan that separates the mist particles, including the submicron ones, and collecting them in the filter ensuring clean air is returned to the plant. The collected mist may be returned directly to the machine or collected for disposal.

The DynaPure ® is available in 8 assorted sizes with a secondary filter media to provide additional filtration. Its compact, minimal maintenance design makes it a suitable mist collector for small metalworking applications.


Small footprint


Easy maintenance

Group 38

Low operation cost


Features & Benefits

  • One-piece fan/drum assembly – The self-contained filtration system enables a compact size.
  • Uninterrupted service – The self-cleaning design based on its centrifugal force eliminates the need for offline media reconditioning.
  • Quick installation and low maintenance required – User friendly experience.
  • Small applications mist removal – Meets the needs of machining metalworking applications.
  • Optional pre-filter to extend life cycle – For difficult mist applications.
Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment

The dust and fumes generated when treating the metals’ surface can be hazardous for the employees’ health and the environment. Removing them will avoid contamination and ensure an optimum operation performance.

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Grinding, Cutting & Trimming

Grinding, Cutting & Trimming

These processes have many different challenges influencing the requirements for an efficient and cost-effective dust extraction solution, from high dust concentrations with many distinct types of dust to the variety of metals used.

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The oil mist generated during the machining process can be hazardous for operator’s health as well as for the environment and the machinery on the workshop. Collecting it will be key to ensure a safe area.

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