Engine Static Filtration System

Static filter system for reciprocating engines

AAF’s Static Filtration Systems for diesel and gas engines are a proven air filtration solution and are a highly effective and extremely reliable system. They offer a large amount of flexibility, allowing the required amount of air treatment stages to be installed to suit the given environmental and operating conditions. This can include heating and cooling solutions, moisture removal, pre-filtration, and fine filtration.

Static Filtration Systems offer excellent protection for diesel and gas engines and can reduce operational expenditure. These systems are used all around the world and are durable and dependable. Thanks to AAF’s advances in filtration technology they are also extremely versatile and AAF offers a wide variety of filter element solutions to this system. This includes AmerShield pre-filters, AmerGuard pocket filters and DuraGT final filters.

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Versatile static filtration system

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Multi-stage approach to improve performance

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Highly effective and durable

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Features & Benefits

  • AAF’s static filtration systems offer a complete line of solutions and filter elements to protect your engine from air contamination.
  • The versatility of this filtration system allows you to meet your performance goals.
  • AAF has extensive experience at designing, manufacturing, maintaining, and optimizing these filtration systems for diesel and gas engines.
  • Static filtration systems are available in a wide variety of sizes, efficiencies, and include AAF’s advanced technology filters.

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