Engine Heating & Cooling Solutions

Heating and cooling solutions for air intake and ventilation systems

Heating and cooling systems for reciprocating engines control intake air temperatures in harsh environments e.g. freezing climates in the winter and/or extreme heat in the summer. The ability to control high air temperatures also serves to improve engine room ventilation. Cool air entering the engine room reduces the overall air temperature and allows the hot air surrounding the engine to be evacuated.

Engine inlet cooling solutions are designed to lower air intake temperatures to potentially increase efficiency and avoid derating. Engine inlet heating solutions are designed for cold climates, they protect diesel & gas engines from damage due to ice and reduce downtime. Icing can block inlet filtration equipment, increasing pressure drop and potentially cause the engine to shut down. An AAF inlet heating solution will result in a rise in the inlet temperature and prevent the formation of ice.

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Control engine room temperature

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Maintain engine performance with low dP

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Prevent freezing temperature damage

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Features & Benefits

  • AAF Evaporative Coolers significantly reduce the air inlet temperature, resulting in a lower engine heat rate.
  • AAF Cooling Coils reduce the intake air temperature through refrigeration and can be adjusted to a desired set point.
  • Heating solutions can be customized to suit a given installation, offering high performance levels and low maintenance.
  • Heating coils can de-ice a frozen filter system even when the diesel or gas engine is shutdown.

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