The Wider AAF Business

For over a century, AAF has been bringing clean air to life through superior air filtration. We have a comprehensive and diverse global business serving people and businesses around the world.

One of the world’s leading air filtration companies

We’re one of the world’s largest manufacturers of air filtration solutions. AAF International offers fully comprehensive, innovative solutions for protecting against airborne particulates and gaseous contaminants in commercial, industrial, and residential applications. First founded in 1921, in Louisville, Kentucky, our company today operates in 22 countries across four continents.



Our wide range of air filtration solutions for gas turbines, diesel and gas engines, industrial compressors, and wind power remove air contamination, such as dust, salt, hydrocarbons, or moisture, from the air intake to enhance performance and maintain efficiency. In Nuclear Power Plants our filtration equipment cleans the air inside the plant and serves to protect people, local communities, and the wider environment from radioactive air particles.

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Industrial Air Quality

Our comprehensive range of dust collectors is aimed at keeping dust emissions under control. Using wet and dry filtration technologies, they offer superior performance to remove and collect harmful dust particles, protect your employees, keep your facility clean, and look after the external environment. Our solutions have been designed for specific industrial processes within the food & beverage, chemical, metalworking, industrial minerals, waste & recycling, pharmaceutical, aerospace, automotive, and wood, pulp & paper industries.

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General Building Ventilation

Our range of filters for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems (HVAC) help Facility Managers to achieve better Indoor Air Quality and create a more comfortable, healthy, and odor-free environment for building occupants. HVAC solutions can be used across commercial buildings, hotels and restaurants, schools, shops, museums, and airports. They can also be used in certain industrial applications where air quality needs to be particularly high.

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High Purity Production Area

High Purity Filtration

Our range of high purity solutions consists of specialist products for applications that demand the highest filtration performance. These products can protect people against airborne disease or infection or create high-purity environments for highly sensitive products or processes. High purity filtration is widely used where the highest levels of air filtration are demanded, including in laboratories, food processing, animal science, healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, microelectronics, and datacenters.

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Gas Phase Filtration

Our team of highly skilled gas-phase professionals will work with you to remove harmful gases or gaseous pollutants from the air. The most common applications for gas-phase filtration or molecular filters include corrosion control, odor control, and protection from toxic gases. These filters are specialist products designed to remove molecules, gases, and vapors. They are commonly found in cooking applications, museums, airports, data centers, microelectronics, pulp & paper, refineries, chemical plants, and wastewater treatment.

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Our History

A century ago, it all started with engineer and entrepreneur Bill Reed who invented an industrial air filter to solve the problem of factory dust settling on freshly painted cars. That was the very start of AAF and from that moment on we have continued to progress and now have facilities in 22 different countries.

Air filters proved vital across a whole host of other industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Look back over our rich history and learn how the business adapted as the demand for clean air continued to grow.

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About Us

Safety, quality and sustainability drive our methodology and actions. Learn more about our values and how they guide us in the development of air filtration solutions that protect people and the environment.

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We want to keep you updated on our latest news and share with you our expertise and good practices. Get connected to our Insights and learn more about how to maximize the potential of our air filtration solutions.

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