This process is used during the manufacture of stainless steel where a reduction of the carbon content of the liquid stainless steel is needed in the final stages of metallurgical adjustment but affecting the chrome content or other valuable metallic ingredients. The liquid steel is transferred into the AOD vessel which could be a ladle or other container, then a combination of Argon gas and Oxygen is lanced into the liquid. This burns off the carbon to produce Carbon Dioxide. Much heat is generated and a significant amount of metallic fume released. The fume must be drawn off either via a lateral exhaust hood or a canopy. Before the fume is filtered its high temperature must be considered. One option is to use a wet scrubber - a high energy venture scrubber - such as the AAF KinPactor. If a bag filter is to be employed cooling is needed, for example by using a tubular air cooled heat exchange, or cooling by dilution. Often there will be other low temperature fume sources nearby – so called “fugitive emissions”- and these can be used to dilute and cool the hot fume from the AOD process. For this application, the AAF FabriPulse XLC with its facility for off-line cleaning will be an excellent choice of filter.