Material Handling Reduced

Whether it be bulk raw materials such as coal or iron ore or finished products like confectionary or pharmaceutical tablets there is a potential for dust to be created or released at each change of direction / chute / belt transfer. It is thought that as much as 1% of a product stream may become airborne during its transit through a complex materials handling system. If the plant exists and is operational then the sources of dust becoming airborne can be ascertained by observation and especially when using a high intensity dust lamp in semi darkened conditions. If the plant is yet to be built then guidelines in published manuals will be the guide. Usually enclosing and/or hooding is employed at each transfer point with special attention to elevators or chutes where “natural windage” can create airflows that must be allowed for in the selection of the extraction system flow rate. The designer has the choice of an “insertable” i.e. a small pulse jet bag filter with integrated fanset and without need of ductwork, or a complete system with ducts bringing dust from all the extraction points to a single centralized collector and fanset.  The OptiFlo RC and FabriPulse Fusion are ideal for this application.