Cereral Manufacturing 

Berry Manufacturer Finds A Sweet Solution

In recent years, an increasing number of companies have begun adding freeze dried fruit to their breakfast cereals, especially red berry ingredients. Dried fruit dust is highly hygroscopic and when damp, often causes new and serious challenges for conventional fabric filter based dust extraction systems.

A manufacturer that produced breakfast cereals with dried strawberries and other red berries was looking for a way to improve plant hygiene while reducing power and water usage. Their plant included extensive materials handling lines with weighing and packing operations. Dust generated from the berries wasn’t properly moving through the ductwork as the bag filters became loaded and pressure drop through the baghouse decreased.

The customer came to AAF for a solution and fortunately, the AAF RotoClone® W is well proven to deal with breakfast cereal dusts as well as the problematic red berry dust. The RotoClone® W also has the advantage of compact size, quiet operation and is inherently safe, negating the need for fire and explosion equipment.


The existing baghouse units and ductwork on site were not installed and designed properly. This caused the dust generated from the production of berries for the manufacturer’s breakfast cereal to not properly move through the ductwork and clog the bag filters. In addition, the customer reported that the system was using excessive electrical power and caused fan motor overloading due to the high pressure drop across the bags.


The AAF RotoClone® W was installed to handle the hygroscopic dust. The RotoClone® W has no internal filter media that clogs up when dust builds up, meaning the unit can provide a constant airflow at all times. AAF recommended a rationalized system using selective extraction from two lines, with the option to add a third later. New stainless steel ductwork systems were also recommended. The new systems have one RotoClone® W unit and two booster fans to overcome the ductwork design and maintain a minimum conveying velocity.



As a wet dust collector that uses water as the filter media, the explosive probability of the dried fruit dust is negated in the RotoClone® W. The customer noticed maintenance
and energy savings and reported that the RotoClone® W has fully met their expectations.