Manufacturer Seeks Dust Collection Solution for Shot Blasting Cabins

The process of shot blasting is often used to clean, strengthen or polish metal. For surface preparation – usually of metal surfaces prior to painting – the shot blast process ensures the appropriate removal of previous paint coatings, rust, and any grease to make the metal surface completely bare. It is usually carried out manually via compressed air through nozzles aimed at the metal surface in order to reach awkward corners and to achieve a uniform degree and required roughness standard. The process works by repeated impact of the surface with high speed abrasive material.

However, this causes dust particles removed from the surface being worked upon to become airborne. These irregular sized particles can be as small as 0.5 - 5.0 microns and their coarse nature makes them highly abrasive. The challenge in ventilating this type of process is to collect the nuisance dust only and not the steel shot material used in the cleaning process. Furthermore, since aluminium dust is considered to be an explosive dust, this critical characteristic also needs to be addressed.


Our client is a global manufacturer of shot blast cabins and finishing booths. Because of the nature of the airborne dust that is created in such environments, the client wanted to sell their specialized rooms alongside a dust collector as a complete solution to their customers. These dust collectors were to be located close to the cabins to minimize installation costs, reduce housekeeping and to ultimately provide efficient ventilation and filtration of air.



The OptiFlo® RC pulse-jet cartridge collector was selected as the preferred solution because of its efficiency, reduced operational pressure drop, lower compressed air consumption and ATEX option (for explosive dust). In addition, the OptiFlo® RC is available in various sizes so depending on the potential output airflow rate of a cabin, there was always a suitable OptiFlo® RC unit to be accompanied with it. The dust created by the shot blasting process is filtered by AAF’s REDClean® cartridges (including anti-static cartridges). These cartridges allow operators to reduce power consumption, enhance efficiency and extend the time between cartridge change-outs.


The client is so pleased with the OptiFlo® RC that they have installed their shot blast cabins with this stalwart dust collector for over 20 years. With the unit installed next to the shot blast cabin at each customer plant, the fan is generally exhausted with a silencer through the building roof.