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At AAF, we firmly believe in the benefits of collaboration to increase the value provided to our final customers. Discover our Partner Program and become part of our community.


Experiencing a mutual growth

For more than a century, AAF has been innovating in the field of air filtration to reduce environmental dust emissions that result from different industrial manufacturing processes. Ensuring a safe and clean indoor atmosphere that keeps workers protected and the operations performing at their best conditions have also been our goals.

As one of the world’s leading air filtration companies, fully committed to sustainability, we want to help more industrial companies to improve the air within their plants; reduce exposure to hazardous dust for more workers and mitigate more risks related to the management of dust. In summary, we need you and the potential within your distribution channel to expand the benefits of our solutions to a larger number of industrial users.

By working together, we can become stronger in the achievement of these goals, so want to offer you a path to grow your business at the same time your customers, which are also our customers, increase their industrial air quality.

Learn more about our history, values, and principles.


Comprehensive standard portfolio

With both dry and wet filtration solutions and a range of equipment that covers airflows from 0 CFM up to 90,000 CFM, AAF dust collectors meet the needs of customers from many different industries. Whatever the application is, we have a solution that will ensure optimum operational performance. From those with small airflows and low dust concentrations, to other operations with large levels of emissions. In challenging outdoor environments and indoor workspaces with explosion risks.

Our solutions have been designed to provide your customers with simplified maintenance, extended equipment life cycle and reduced total cost of ownership. Learn more about them!


Easy onboarding

Knowing AAF equipment as well as we do will help you to better understand the benefits they can provide to your customers. We have defined a training plan to build awareness and confidence in our solutions based on demonstrated success.

The training plan we offer our partners is customized through a personal approach, meeting your unique knowledge in the market. Additionally, our experienced team of engineers and technicians will provide effective performance descriptions, maintenance recommendations, operation fundamentals, and all guidance you need to provide knowledgeable and efficient support to your customers.


Long term relationship

Our experience is your leverage to successfully supporting your customers over the long term. With this objective in mind, we have developed different Partner focused tools to assist you in endorsing AAF filtration technology.

Our Partner Portal will give you simplified and intuitive access to a complete range of technical and commercial documentation for our entire portfolio, with supportive information and other useful resources that will help you to achieve your sales goals.

As soon as our collaboration starts, you will be assigned an AAF Sales Representative as a primary contact to accompany you and provide support and assistance.


Replacement Parts

Superior performance filtration media is key to ensuring maximum filtration efficiency. AAF’s REDClean industry leading nanofiber media provides an excellent dust release, lower pressure drop, and reduced compressed air consumption.

Thanks to our spare parts program, you will be able to provide your customers with a longer equipment life cycle and minimum operational downtime with the easiest maintenance.


Your growth, our growth

At AAF we believe maintaining high quality standards is the only way to sustain a competitive business. Our products are recognised for their durability and reliability and our service is highlighted for being customer oriented.

By becoming part of our community you will benefit from a short lead time on equipment availability, while ensuring the highest level of quality in the manufacturing and production.

Because we understand our Partners share the same customer focused approach as we do, we offer you the best route to market.

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