AAF’s P&I Division Commits to be Net Zero by 2030

AAF’s Power & Industrial Division has announced its commitment to reduce its global carbon emissions to ‘net zero’ by 2030. The initiative will be known as Zero by 30 and an internal steering committee will drive the changes required to deliver the reduction.

This target is also a reflection of the ambition of AAF International’s parent company Daikin, the world’s number one air conditioning company, who is also aligned to similar goals.

As air filtration leaders, with a history in the energy market, AAF understands the importance of delivering Zero by 30 and the significant implications of prioritizing this initiative. Paul Sennett, Global COO of AAF Power and Industrial commented,

“Zero by 30 is a significant and ambitious commitment but one that is absolutely necessary and will benefit our business and the planet. Our focus will be on the improvements and positive changes we can make internally to our processes and facilities around the world. However, through the products and solutions we supply we will also support our customers to reduce their own emissions and environmental impact.”

AAF continue to develop new and innovative products that improve air quality and reduce a customer’s total cost of ownership. Solutions are available across the energy and industrial sectors, including greener energy markets. AAF is now supporting companies in the wind and nuclear industries with leading air filtration solutions.

In the industrial sector the Company has also launched a new range of dry dust collectors. The innovative AIVY™ range of cartridge collectors is a more sustainable and compact product range. It helps to reduce emissions and increase industrial air quality, while ensuring up to 20% of energy consumption reduction.

The world needs action to combat the effects of climate change and the entire team at AAF Power & Industrial is committed to a making the business a greener, more efficient, and more sustainable business in the future. Together, we can make a difference.