Resumen de producto

  • 99.5% initial filtration efficiency (E12)
  • Multi-layer construction for maximum performance
  • Acts as a reservoir for oil, hydrocarbon and dust
  • Depth-loading membrane prevents salt and water ingestion
  • Recover lost power
  • Low cost of operation and filter life

Recover Lost Power

With an initial filtration efficiency of 99.5% at the most penetrating particle size, HydroShield ensures maximum available power output by maintaining compressor cleanliness, eliminating fouling and increasing engine reliability.

Increased Machine Availability

HydroShield helps engine cores remain in close to new condition, extending water washing maintenance intervals, reducing downtime and decreasing maintenance shutdowns.

Enhanced Fuel Efficiency

HydroShield’s ability to remove compressor fouling particulate allows the gas turbine to operate more efficiently and increase fuel efficiency.

Rugged Construction

The HydroShield exceeds standards for both dry and wet burst strength.

Extended Lifetime

Optimum performance and maximum lifetime of AAF HydroShield filters is achieved using AAF's proprietary HydroSleeve and AmerShield pre-filtration system.

Stable Pressure Drop

Predictable pressure drop in high hydrocarbon environments, even when challenged with oils and oily particulate.

Hydro-Phobic Pre-Filter Layer

From AAF Offshore systems, accelerates removal of salts and hydrocarbons

Depth-Loading Membrane (H)EPA

Membrane removes sub-micron dust and resists saltwater penetration

High-Strength Substrate

Ensures class-leading burst strength

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