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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are central to who we are at American Air Filter. These terms are woven into our culture, and they inform everything we do.

Like many of the clean air solutions we offer, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are vital for a healthy work environment. That’s why we’re passionate about how the terms are defined and how we put them into practice.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Honoring what makes us unique

We honor diversity by approaching it with intentionality. At AAF, “diversity” is not used as a label to categorize or separate different groups of people. Instead, we see diversity as a relational concept — it’s the differences between people in a given setting.

Every team, company or ecosystem is made up of diverse individuals — each with their own unique appearance, thoughts and identity. These differences are not only important; they define who we are.

It’s our differences that fuel the innovation that allows us to bring clean air to life for customers across the globe. We’re committed to embracing diversity in all its forms, because what makes each of us different makes us stronger together.


Focusing on individual needs

Equity and equality are often used interchangeably, but at AAF, we understand them as two different concepts. Equality is the practice of treating everyone the same, whereas equity supports the individual needs of each person.

Everyone needs support in different ways.

We strive to identify when, where and how we can best support every team member, so that no one feels labeled, diminished or misunderstood. The pursuit of equity informs our diversity and inclusion efforts, as well as our systems and processes. This means that we’re constantly challenging ourselves to do better as an organization, because the people we support deserve nothing less.


Helping everyone feel valued

We understand that inclusion is not a natural consequence of diversity — it takes effort. An inclusive culture is one where every diverse individual knows they are valued.

We strive to design for inclusivity at AAF, from the workplace experience we offer to the products we create.

We work with our team members and our customers to understand what they need to feel included and understood. This knowledge is used to inform our policies, processes, physical spaces, products and more. Because when people feel like they belong, they thrive.

Creating a sense of

I enjoy working at AAF because of the company culture, diverse backgrounds, camaraderie among coworkers and the opportunities for career development.


I’ve been working at AAF for 16 years and what I enjoy most is how everyone comes together as a team, regardless of ethnicity or background. We don’t just build filters; we build people.


I’ve been with AAF for 10 years and what I like most about working here is the variety of people I get to work with. With every new person comes a new pair of eyes, with new ideas and areas for improvement.