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We're innovating for a
better future.

The world is beginning to fully comprehend the importance of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ). 

The impact of poor IEQ on human health starts with continued education to help improve awareness and then for AAF to develop solutions that are centered around our products, services, and technology. With over 100 years specializing in the field of air filtration, our employees, partners, and customers expect AAF to continue to lead and innovate in how we build, deliver and dispose of our products and solutions in a sustainable way.

Global change requires a global commitment.

AAF is part of the Daikin Group, the world’s largest conditioning company. Together, we condition and clean spaces across a huge range of applications - from our local schools that nurture and protect our youngest and brightest - to the most advanced Life Science facilities that provide life-saving and life-giving medicines for many. We are investing our resources in developing the solutions that ultimately make the world a healthier place. As we honor our combined rich history of 200+ years, expect AAF and Daikin Group to continue to lead the way.


Atsuki Raku

Deputy General Manager, Filter Division

Global Head of Sales