Feb 09-13 , 2019
Scottsdale, Arizona

Double Tree Resort by Hilton Paradise Valley 

501F mission is to provide an open forum through conferences and technological aids, to the Owners/Operators of 501F generator systems for effective communication, discussion, and information dissemination regarding the operation, maintenance, inspection, troubleshooting, and repair of such systems to maximize equipment performance and reliability. 501F is a membership organization.

Combustion Turbine Models Supported Within This Users Group

The show supports the following models within the user group, SGT6-5000F, SCC6-5000F, W501F, M501F, and M701F.

All model numbers based on the above numbers are also supported!

Colloquial Names for these Combustion Turbine Models

F Class Unit, Siemens Frame CT, Frame Gas Turbine, Frame GT