Polycarbonate Plant Reduces Downtime

A chemical production plant facility in the north of Germany specializes in the production of polycarbonate pellets. During a first cooling and hardening process, large molten pieces are cut into plates. Under high pressure, gases from this process are forwarded to a demister collector that requires frequent cleaning. In order not to stop production, this system was equipped with two demister collectors. However, much maintenance was still required to clean the demisters and replace the filters frequently. Although redundancy helped to keep up with the production requirements, multiple plant stoppages were required to properly maintain the collector units.


If anything could be done about the frequent stoppages, let alone increased production, a different collector would be required. The collector would have to be able to handle
high pressures and sticky, oily particles. The process is fully automatic and maintained. Long, small-sized ducting and high pressure frequency controlled pumps/fans are in place to secure the correct
and gradual drying process. Therefore, a completely new collection line was considered.


For the process and particulate control, a RotoClone® N [size 6, arrangement D] with a collection hopper was installed in place of the demister collector.
The fan and ductwork did not need to be redesigned or replaced. In fact, the pressure drop over the collector unit was not only reduced, but the process became more
stable with a more consistent flow and pressure over the complete line. Plant stoppages were less frequent.


| No new line investment necessary
| RotoClone® N operates at a lower pressure
| Less power required for the pumps/fans
| Less maintenance
| Uptime production increase