Deferred Maintenance 

In a push to succeed, organizations and business leaders are constantly looking for ways to streamline, reduce waste and run as lean as possible. In other words, they’re trying to do more with less and deferring maintenance—keeping costs down by balancing maintenance budgets, optimizing labor schedules, and integrating processes.

If you’re working in an environment with budget and time constraints, your organization may have defaulted into a deferred maintenance scenario, which can create job backlogs. In this case, you’re likely reacting to issues, rather than preventing them.

Why Ongoing Maintenance of HVAC Systems
is Critical

HVAC is the system most affected by deferred maintenance 

Half of a facility’s energy costs are attributed to heating, cooling and moving air. When HVAC systems are not maintained on time, or as planned, they do not perform as they should. Air handler blower fans and other components may begin to short cycle and wear themselves out. The more that components turn on and off and on again, the more energy you waste, and the more likely it is that you’ll be dealing with spikes in energy costs. In other words, deferred maintenance actually creates more of a problem for facility managers.

Now’s the Time to Be Proactive About Your Facility Maintenance

When working with a tight budget and limited resources, it can be challenging to convince executives to allocate investment to HVAC maintenance and filter replacement. The first step in optimizing your clean air spending is to work through a total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis. A locally optimized filtration analysis will provide the highest level of air filtration solutions, while also minimizing your total life cycle costs. This is where an application and data analysis specialist can take a true consultative and technical approach to understanding your complete air filtration needs, application, and business goals in order to optimize your performance and lower your TCO.

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