Visão geral do produto

  • Upgrade existing systems by up to 300% in efficiency against incoming particulate
  • Upgrade existing prefilter plenums with the PREpleat M11 HC to increase the life of your more expensive final filters downstream
  • Building owners and occupants using this filter will be significantly better protected from a bioaerosol hazard than with conventional filters
  • Corrosion-resistant heavy metal backing
  • Diagonal face strips for extra strength
Profundidade do filtro
  • 1 pol
  • 2 pol
  • 4 pol
Tipo de meio
  • Sintético
Material da estrutura
  • Placa de bebida
Tamanho especial disponível
  • Sim
Temperatura operacional máxima
  • 180˚F (82˚C)
  • MERV 11
Cabeçote único
  • Não

The PREpleat M11 HC pleated filter enables a significant upgrade in collection efficiency over existing MERV 8 products. A 25–30% average efficiency filter can be upgraded to 60–65% efficiency at roughly the same resistance levels, when this filter is utilized.

Superior Design and Construction

Media: Progressive density bi-component fibers.

Airflow Resistance on 24″ x 24″ x 2″: 30″ w.g. @ 2000 cfm (500 fpm).

Media Support: Diamond-shaped expanded metal.

Pleat Design: V-Pleat design aids in pressure drop while reducing energy cost. Design allows for maximum airflow and Dust Holding Capacity (DHC) during the life of the filter.

Frame: Moisture-resistant clay coated frame.

Installation Considerations

Bi-component media: Ultra-high performance bi-component synthetic media contains electrostatically engineered tri-lobal fibers within homogenous domains of positive and negative Electret charges. These Electret charges in the bi-component fibers contribute to an ultra-high performance product.

Enhanced fibers: Electrostatically enhanced fibers are precisely structured into a progressive density gradient structure to enhance airflow through put with less resistance while providing high DHC and ultra-high efficiency during operational life.

Gradient media structure: Proprietary “Engineered Gradient Media Structure” enables larger incoming contaminants to be trapped in the prefilter layer, thus allowing the highly charged secondary layer to attract and hold smaller particulate. This increases the life of more expensive final filters downstream.

High efficiency at low pressure drop: This proprietary media, combined with AAF Flanders’ unique V-Pleat manufacturing design, equals the highest performance pleat available on the market today. The proprietary PREpleat M11 can provide an initial efficiency of MERV 11.

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