Visão geral do produto

  • Rugged metal construction
  • MERV 8
  • Microfine fiberglass media
  • For applications with requirements up to 500°F (260°C)

Aplicações típicas

Profundidade do filtro
  • 2 pol
  • 4 pol
Material da estrutura
  • Aço aluminizado
Tamanho especial disponível
  • Sim
Temperatura operacional máxima
  • 500˚F (260˚C)
  • MERV 8
Cabeçote único
  • Não

AAF Flanders PREpleat HT HC filters are designed for increased air filtration efficiencies in an operating environment where temperatures reach 500°F. Typical examples include air intakes for drying ovens or high temperature baking applications.

Superior Design and Construction

Efficiency: MERV 8

Media: Microfine fiberglass.

Pleat Design: V-Pleat design aids in pressure drop while reducing energy cost. Design allows for maximum airflow and dust holding capacity during the life of the filter.

Frame: 24-gauge corrosion-resistant steel.

Face Screen: Expanded metal corrosion-resistant steel.

Operating Temperature Limits: Maximum operating temperature is 500°F (204.44°C).

The PREpleat HT pleated air filter consists of a MERV 8 fiberglass filtration media that has been bonded to corrosion-resistant expanded metal backing, then pleated into either standard or high-capacity packs.

Each pack is encased within a 24-gauge corrosion-resistant metal frame with an expanded corrosion-resistant metal face screen on the downstream side to increase pack rigidity while preventing blowouts.

PREpleat HT pleated air filters are offered in two inch depths in all of the most popular face sizes. They have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories and found to meet the stringent performance characteristics of a Class 1 air filter for flammability as outlined in Standard 900.

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