Visão geral do produto

  • High efficiency side servicing filter housing
  • Non-bag-in/bag-out configuration
  • Designed for gasket seal primary filters
Material da estrutura
  • Aço inoxidável
Vedação do filtro
  • Junta

The KG-Series gasket seal containment housing is a high efficiency, side servicing filter housing that has been designed to give the user maximum quality and performance in a non-bag-in / bag-out configuration. This housing is typically used in critical processes where dangerous airborne particulate or gases must be prevented from entering the atmosphere.

Manufactured under stringent quality assurance procedures, KG-Series housing are subjected to thorough inspections and leak tightness tests before leaving the factory, and are guaranteed to pass DOP and/or Freon in-place tests.

KG-Series housings are designed for gasket seal primary filters. Primary filters may be HEPA filters (for particulate filtration) or carbon adsorbers (for gas adsorption). To accommodate both particulate and gas phase filtration, HEPA units can be joined in series with carbon adsorber units.

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