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  • Reduce downtime by protecting equipment and improving operating conditions
  • Extend capital equipment life cycles by decreasing exposure to overspray solids
  • Reduce fire hazards by removing airborne paint solids
  • Minimize air pollution – discharge cleaner exhaust air

Aplicações típicas

  • Industrial
  • Automotive
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  • 1 pol
  • 1,25 pol
Tipo de meio
  • Papel expandido
  • Sintético
Tamanho especial disponível
  • Não
Antimicrobiano disponível
  • Não
Cabeçote único
  • Não

Long Service Life

SureStop coatings collection media are constructed of layers of expanded paper that form an intricate maze of paint-collecting baffles. These baffles provide an extensive surface area to retain overspray solids. Significant overspray retention capacity increases the life of the media.

Standard Capacity Media, Type P-SC, is comprised of six layers of progressive density expanded paper. This depth loading configuration provides maximum service life. P-SC paint arrestors provide good all-around performance for general applications and can be used for most coatings applied by the various spray coating methods. Available in rolls or pads, they are typically used with two pads or roll layers in tandem.

High Capacity Media, Type P-HC, is comprised of eight layers of progressive density expanded paper and is designed to hold up to twice the overspray of the standard capacity pad before changing is required. The longer service life results in less down time, fewer changeovers, and greater economy. Available in pads, these are typically used in tandem. The product is ideal for heavy, tacky coatings or slow drying finishes, but it is not recommended for quick dry lacquer type coatings.

High Efficiency Media, Type P-SCS, is comprised of five layers of progressive density expanded paper followed by a synthetic backing. The polyester layer increases the overall efficiency needed for very finely atomized overspray particles. The increased collection efficiency results in a 50% reduction of overspray up the stack. This media is ideal for many types of coatings, from high solids to waterborne baked enamels. Available in pad or roll form, its recommended use is two in tandem.

High Capacity, High Efficiency Media, Type P-SCDS, is similar to Type P-SCS, except that it uses a high density polyester backing to further increase efficiency. Available in rolls or pads, only a single layer of P-SCDS is necessary, due to the increased efficiency.

Paint Booth Floor Paper, PBF-P

Kraft paper is available in a variety of widths to save time and money, while protecting paint booth floors and surfaces from spills and oversprays.

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