Visão geral do produto

  • Nominal 1 inch thick mat of dense, tightly bonded polyester fibers
  • Treated with a fire retardant 
  • Highly resistant to fiber shedding
  • Treated with a non-migrating tackifier
  • Backed with a woven scrim on the air leaving side

Aplicações típicas

  • Industrial
Profundidade do filtro
  • 1 pol
Tipo de meio
  • Sintético
Tamanho especial disponível
  • Sim
Antimicrobiano disponível
  • Não
Temperatura operacional máxima
  • 212˚F (100˚C)
Cabeçote único
  • Não
SureFlow Supreme diffusion media is installed at the inlet to paint booths, downstream from higher efficiency primary filters. Typically installed in the ceiling of the booth, SureFlow Supreme media serves two critical functions necessary for high quality finishes:
  • Forms a highly effective final protective barrier, preventing dirt, rust, scale, or other particles from entering through the makeup air system.
  • Serves as an air distribution baffle for uniform distribution of airflow through the booth.
SureFlow Supreme diffusion media is available as cut pads or rolls in widths up to 85″. SureFlow Supreme ring panel filters are also available. These filters consist of SureFlow Supreme media on the air leaving side, a high loft polyester media on the air entering side, and a galvanized wire ring heat sealed between the two layers of media.

This media is designed primarily for paint booth supply air systems operating in the 50 to 150 FPM velocity range. SureFlow Supreme media can operate at temperatures up to 212˚F (100°C), and withstand up to 100% relative humidity with peaks of 250˚F (121°C).

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