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  • All-welded 14-gauge galvanneal steel construction for corrosion resistance and rigidity
  • Stainless steel locking arm and screw assemblies secure and seal the HEPA filter
  • Factory-drilled alignment holes facilitate field assembly of built-up filter banks
  • Optional prefilter assembly is available for direct attachment to the frame

AAF Flanders B-1 Frames are permanent holding frames for field or OEM assembly of built-up HEPA/ULPA filter banks. Standard sizes include the three widely used filter face sizes: 24″ x 24″, 24″ x 12″ and 12″ x 24″, as well as less common sizes, such as 24″ x 30″ and undersize versions of the common face sizes. Separate locking arm and screw assemblies are used to retain the nominal 12″ depth filter casings. The entire assembly has the same efficiency as the filters themselves without leaks or bypass, when the filters and frames are installed as recommended.

Superior Design and Construction

B-1 Frames are constructed of an all-welded sealing surface, an intermittently welded sides, and 14 gauge galvanized construction. Factory-drilled alignment holes on each side facilitate positioning of the frames for easy filter bank assembly. Welded to the inside of the frame on the bottom and both sides are alignment bars. These bars position the filter properly so that its gasket will mate with the sealing flange around the periphery of the filter frame. Four stainless steel removable locking arm and screw assemblies are furnished with each frame, and they are easily adjusted to hold the filter in place and press its gasket onto the flange of the frame.

Installation Considerations

B-1 Frames may be installed for service from the air entering (upstream) side or the air leaving (downstream) side. Filter installation and removal are greatly fa­cilitated if at least 36 inches of service clearance is provided. If the HEPA/ULPA filter bank is arranged for air entering side service, this clearance space may be shared with downstream-serviced ASHRAE-rated prefilters. Optional prefilter clips may be placed on the frame's sealing flange. Prefilters held by these clips must be serviced from the side opposite that used for HEPA/ULPA service.

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