Visão geral do produto

  • Gel and knife-edge filter seal for positive leak tightness
  • Filters replaceable from roomside
  • No penetrations of pressure boundary
  • 2″ filter pack for a lightweight and low profile design
  • In-room airflow damper adjustment with AAF Flanders’ proprietary damper adjustment alignment system

Aplicações típicas

  • Farmacêutica
Profundidade do filtro
  • 7 pol
Material da estrutura
  • Alumínio
Estilo de separador
  • Sem separador
  • Plissado térmico
Temperatura operacional máxima
  • 212˚F (100˚C)

AAF Flanders Model 24 LP roomside replaceable HEPA/ULPA filter modules are lightweight, low profile ducted units with gel seal mini-pleat or separatorless filter packs. They are designed to provide unidirectional airflow when installed in drywall or tee-bar ceilings. Model 24 LP modules are available in three sizes: nominal 24″ x 24″, 24″ x 36″, and 24″ x 48″, for either 1½″ or 2″ T-bar with 8″, 10″, 12″, or 14″ diameter inlet collars and two particle size efficiencies: 99.99% on 0.3 micron and 99.9995% on 0.12 micron particles. Every filter is scan-tested after assembly to meet or exceed IEST RP-1 requirements for a Type C or F filter.


The state-of-the-art filter pack is sealed in an anodized extruded aluminum frame. The sides of the filter pack contain an integral extruded channel that holds cleanroom quality sealing gel. The filter’s extruded aluminum center divider is furnished with a port for in-room baffle plate adjustment and measurement of challenge aerosol. The one-piece hood/inlet collar is made of spun aluminum, and the inlet collar is ribbed to secure the flex duct retaining strap. A 22-gauge, 40% open, perforated grille protects the media pack (grille can be either stainless steel, anodized aluminum, or a white powder coated steel face).

Installation & Applications

Model 24 LP modules may be used in cleanrooms for biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturing, hospital pharmacies, the fabrication of medical devices, and other applications requiring ultra-clean air and a room-side replaceable filter element. Holes are drilled on the module’s top four corners to secure seismic restraint wires or hang the unit. The standard face velocity range of 70 to 110 FPM is easily adjusted from roomside by a screwdriver-operated damper. Static pressure and challenge aerosol measurements can be taken through a separate roomside port. AAF Flanders does not recommend using the aerosol port as a means to inject the aerosol of choice. Standard construction allows the modules to be operated at a pressure drop of 3.0″ w.g.

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