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  • An economical alternative to refillable trays used in granular media housings
  • Easier to handle, reduces maintenance costs versus refillable trays
  • Direct replacement for 1″ panels used in most manufacturers’ side and front access housings
  • No carbon dusting – no settling
  • Easy disposal
  • High first-pass removal efficiency and low resistance to airflow
  • 60% CTC activity carbon


AmerSorb BP carbon-bonded panel filters are used for applications where odor control and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) removal are necessary. As a result of high performance and extremely low particle shedding, AmerSorb BP filters do not require downstream particulate filters. These filters are ideal for applications ranging from air make-up units in high-purity environments, to general heating and cooling applications.

  • Airports
  • Casinos
  • Microelectronics
  • Hospitals
  • Meeting Halls
  • Food Processing
  • Any application where odors and/or VOC’s are an issue

Patented Bonding Process

The patented bonding process uses a polymeric substance to bind activated carbon into a rigid, uniform structure characterized by open pore structure. This bonding process is unique because adsorption properties of the base-activated carbon remain virtually unchanged. Conventional bonding methods may corrupt surface area and pore size distribution. Since the adsorptive capacity of the activated carbon is preserved, the need for post-binding activation is eliminated.

Higher Efficiency

AmerSorb BP carbon bonded panel filters are constructed with 0.25 oz. high-loft, non-woven polyester front and back for protection during shipment, and offer particulate removal capabilities as well. Structurally designed to prevent bypass of contaminated air, the carbon is “locked” in place and will not settle, which often occurs in loose-fill trays and honeycomb carbon filters.

More Carbon

AmerSorb BP bonded carbon panel filters contain approximately 5% more carbon by weight than a comparably sized loose-fill panel filter. Since a supporting enclosure is not required, there is additional space for carbon content.

Reduced Maintenance

Disposable filters eliminate many of the maintenance costs associated with refillable carbon panels. Disposable carbon-bonded panels are easy to install and cleaner to handle. No extra freight, handling, or clean-up is required.

Static Adsorption Capacity

Carbon Tetrachloride (CCI4) adsorption capacity is virtually unaffected by bonding. Several carbon samples in the 60-80% CCI4 activity range are shown in the graph below. As indicated, there is little impact on the activated carbon by the bonding process.

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