Visão geral do produto

  • Combines particulate filters, gas-phase cassettes, and high-efficiency filters to create a total clean air solution (removing both airborne particulate and gaseous contaminants)
  • Patent-pending SAAF™ Seal provides the best seal available and superior filtration efficiency
  • Wide range of sizes and combinations of filter banks
  • Available with internal fan
  • Insulated double-walled construction
  • Allows for easy installation, operation, and maintenance in a totally self-contained system

Configurable for Exact Application Needs

The SAAF SAH can be configured to fit exact application needs. Prefilter options may include multiple passes of filters, ranging from 2" pleats to 30" pocket filters. The SAAF SAH can hold 1 to 4 passes of gas-phase cassettes, to allow flexibility in media choices and the ability to handle gaseous contaminant loads. Final Filter options include multiple passes to allow for increased stages of filtration.

Exceptional Filter Efficiency

AAF Flanders' patent-pending filter sealing system prevents the bypass of unfiltered air. Cassettes and filters are locked in place on the SAAF Track by a combination of cassette notches and cassette locator bars. Designed to maintain optimal positioning of the cassettes, the locator bar compresses the cassette into the sealing gasket. This unique system ensures exceptional filter efficiency.

Maximum Protection and Durability

SAAF Side Access Housings are constructed of stainless steel, aluminum, or painted steel for maximum protection and durability. Double-walled panels and doors provide whisper-quiet operation and thermal insulation.

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