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  • Specifically designed for machine air intakes within hostile air quality environments, such as industrial manufacturing facilities, mining, smelting, petrochemical, and pulp and paper processing
  • Combines decades of AAF Flanders' air filtration expertise in gas turbine and complex machine air intakes
  • Incorporates AAF Flanders' low pressure drop, enhanced performance air filtration technologies for high efficiency, high capacity, maintenance-effective solutions
  • Patent-pending SAAF™ Seal provides the best seal available and superior filtration efficiency

Aplicações típicas


The SAAF MIF can be configured to fit exact application needs. Components typically include a rain louver with birdscreen, prefilter stages, 2 to 4 passes of gas-phase cassettes, final filter stages, plenum with metal mesh outlet screen, and machine intake matching flange.

Unique Sealing System Ensures Filter Efficiency

AAF Flanders' patent-pending filter sealing system prevents bypass of unfiltered air. Cassettes and filters are locked in place on the SAAF Track by a combination of cassette notches and cassette locator bars. Designed to maintain optimal positioning of the cassettes, the locator bar compresses the cassette into the sealing gasket. This unique system ensures exceptional filter efficiency.

Extends Equipment Life

Airborne particulates and gases that are drawn into machine air intakes cause reliability problems. For example, contaminated air is known to cause premature failure of motor DC windings in paper mill environments. Air compressors often have intercoolers constructed of copper and housings from cast iron, which corrode quickly when exposed to environments such as those at petrochemical refineries, steel mills, mines, smelters, and other industrial plants. By removing corrosive contaminants, the SAAF MIF extends the life of valuable equipment, and eliminates downtime and maintenance costs.

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