Visão geral do produto

  • Heavy-duty industrial design
  • Durable, rigid construction with cell sides that have full overlap corners, sealing the pad in place
  • 18-gauge galvanized steel U-channel cell sides
  • 11-gauge wire retainer grid
  • 11-gauge wire retainer gate with pad support spikes
  • 2” thickness

Aplicações típicas

Engineered Tough

Designed for very heavy dirt loading in the toughest operating conditions, RenuFrame holding frames are sized to fit inside 2″ deep universal holding frames and 2″ side access housing tracks. They may also be bolted together into frame banks without the use of universal holding frames. A retainer grid made of 11-gauge, galvanized steel wire rods is welded to the air-leaving side to provide full support for the pad under all operating conditions.

The U-channel cell sides also form a seat around the entire perimeter of the frame to contain the pad and prevent leakage. These features prevent dirty air bypass. Heavy-duty U-channel cell sides with welded retainers maintain square alignment over years of use without racking. Cell sides are pre-drilled to allow bolting or riveting the frames together.

Pad Locking Spikes Prevent Sagging - Rugged Construction

The retainer grid on the air-entering side is also made of 11-gauge wire rods, with four rods bent in to form spikes that penetrate the pad when the grid is closed. These pointed spikes secure the pad inside the frame to prevent moving, sagging or buckling, even in turbulent conditions. The retainer is hinged for easy access to the pad. Permanently attaching the retainer to the cell sides prevents the grid from getting lost or damaged while changing pads.

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