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  • Frames available in 18-gauge stainless steel and 16-gauge galvanized steel
  • Stainless spring steel compression catches won’t rust and are permanently attached
  • Pre-drilled frame-to-frame installation holes allow fast and secure built-up filter bank assemblies
  • Will hold many types of filters, including any single header product alone, or in combination with a 2 inch or 4 inch prefilter, as well as 2 inch and 4 inch stand-alone filters with no header

The FASeal Frame has a unique design that makes filter installation simple and quick. Clips aren’t necessary, and the attached compression catches will not rust as they hold the filter in place. This frame will hold a variety of filters, including DriPak® 2000, AmerSeal®, VariCel®, PerfectPleat® ULTRA, and MEGApleat® M8. The FASeal Frame is designed for built-up modular filter banks to support HVAC grade air filtration for commercial buildings, educational facilities, food and beverage facilities, and industrial processing.

Durable Design

With four integral stainless spring steel compression catches permanently attached to the FASeal Frame, a variety of filters are easy to install and the need for clips is eliminated. The catches retain compression strength for years of service life and do not rust. These catches apply uniform pressure against the gasket, ensuring that the filter stays in place. No clips are necessary. Both 18-gauge stainless steel frames and 16-gauge galvanized steel frames are available.

Premium Gasketing

This frame has premium EPDM rubber gasketing. This gasketing, including a ¾-in sealing flange, ensures a proper seal to minimize dirty air bypass, with an overlapping seal to eliminate air bypass at the frames’ corners.

FASeal Frame compression catch

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