Visão geral do produto

  • 22-gauge galvanized steel U-channel cell sides form a seal around the frame’s perimeter to contain the pad and prevent leakage
  • Expanded metal support grid
  • 9-gauge hinged retainer gate
  • 1” and 2” thicknesses
  • Fast, easy pad changing

Aplicações típicas

Long Service Life

1-inch and 2-inch AmerFrames are designed to hold replaceable media pads in commercial applications. The cell sides are made from a single piece of 22-gauge, galvanized steel U-channel, sized to fit inside universal holding frames, or in 1” or 2" side access housing tracks. An expanded metal grid welded to the air-leaving side provides complete support for the media pad at high velocity or under turbulent conditions. This results in a unitized, rigid construction that maintains square alignment over years of use without racking. The U-channel cell sides also form a seal around the frame’s perimeter to contain the pad and prevent leakage.

Versatile and Cost-Saving

AmerFrames have a 9-gauge hinged retainer grid for easy access to the pads. Permanently attached to the cell sides, the retainer can be easily opened without getting lost or damaged while changing pads. Pad-holding frames are a versatile and cost-saving alternative to framed disposable panel filters, as the cost of the frames is quickly recovered after only a few change-outs.

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Meet the air cleaning performance and cost considerations of any filtration application with one of AAF Flanders’s full line of fiberglass or synthetic media. AAF Flanders' pad and frame filter media selection offers versatility, performance, and economy.

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