Visão geral do produto

  • AAF Flanders’ exclusive Impress® pleating technology delivers longer life and the lowest initial resistance
  • Holds up in harsh environments
  • Engineered for a variety of applications
  • Slim-line packaging reduces shipping costs and storage space
  • Easy handling, installation, removal, and disposal
  • Available in three efficiencies: MERV 15, MERV 14, and MERV 11
Tipo de meio
  • Sintético
Material da estrutura
  • Plástico
Estilo de separador
  • Gravado
Tamanho especial disponível
  • Não
Antimicrobiano disponível
  • Não
Suporte da estrutura
  • Retentor de metal
Temperatura operacional máxima
  • 150˚F (66˚C)
Cabeçote único
  • Não

Impress® Technology

Impress Technology is a patented pleat formation process that utilizes embossed media to form the optimal pleat geometry for low filter resistance. The embossing pattern, created using Impress Technology, allows for wider pleat spacing, unsurpassed mechanical strength, and reinforced V-pleats that will not pinch off.

Energy Savings Design

The wider pleat openings and exits of the VariCel 2+SC filter deliver lower entrance and exit losses. This, combined with less restriction from separator material and better media utilization, delivers a low pressure drop. This lower operating resistance reduces operating costs and saves energy.

High Performance in Tough Operating Conditions

The VariCel 2+SC media is moisture resistant and can withstand intermittent exposure to water without affecting filter performance. The media pack is encased in high-impact plastic cell sides and completely sealed in a water-based copolymer emulsion, keeping particulate from bypassing the filter media. Impress pleat formation delivers a robust media pack, with a burst strength exceeding the standard seen in the industry. Pleat formation and a center support bar make the filter mechanically stable, so that the media resists distortion under high pressure loads.

Compact, Space-Saving Packaging

The slim-line design enables four VariCel 2+SC filters to be shipped in a carton only 16 inches high, compared to most competitive filters which are shipped only one per carton. Shipping costs and storage space are significantly reduced.

Environmentally Friendly Disposal

The thinner depth makes disposal easy. VariCel 2+SC filters are only one-third the volume of other high-efficiency filters, significantly reducing the contribution to landfills. With no metal components, they are also suitable for incineration.

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