Visão geral do produto

  • Rigid all-metal construction and water-resistant media in a supported pleat-type configuration
  • Can be used in systems with difficult operating conditions, including:
    • Variable air volume
    • Turbulent airflow
    • Repeated fan shutdown
    • High temperature
    • High humidity
    • Intermittent exposure to water, such as sea coast installations
  • MERV 16
Profundidade do filtro
  • 6 pol
  • 12 pol
Tipo de meio
  • Fibra de vidro
Material da estrutura
  • Aço galvanizado
Estilo de separador
  • Alumínio
Tamanho especial disponível
  • Não
Antimicrobiano disponível
  • Não
Cabeçote único
  • Sim
  • Não
Temperatura operacional máxima
  • 350˚F (177˚C)
Suporte da estrutura
  • Retentor de metal

High Efficiency - Low Resistance

Rated at 95% efficiency on 0.3 micrometer challenge aerosol, and a MERV 16 per ASHRAE Standard 52.2, the BioCel I filter has the advantage of a much lower pressure drop than a typical HEPA filter (0.4″ versus 1.0″ w.g. at 250 FPM).

BioCel I filters fill the gap between ASHRAE-grade high-efficiency filters and ultra-high efficiency HEPAs at half the weight and pressure drop. This compact, lightweight filter will withstand operating temperatures to 350˚F, if recommended final resistance is not exceeded. To maximize filter life, use BioCel I filters with high-quality AAF Flanders prefilters.

Ideal for Variable Volume Systems Construction

BioCel I filters consist of a pleated media pack enclosed in a galvanized steel frame assembly. The media is made of ultra-fine fiberglass formed into a series of pleats. Corrugated aluminum separators maintain uniform spacing between each pleat to allow unrestricted airflow through the filter. Bar braces are installed on both sides of the filter for extra reinforcement of the media pack. A flattened, expanded faceguard installed on both sides of the filter is available as an option.

BioCel I filters have a single-piece galvanized steel header on the air-entering side that is interlocked to the cell sides in a patented fashion, preventing leakage and forming a totally rigid construction.

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