quarta-feira, 16 de maio de 2018

AAF had a strong presence this year at the China National Pharmaceutical Machinery (CIPM) Exposition 2018. The Exposition was held in April at the Chongqing International Exposition Center. There were more than 1,000 exhibitors and over 200 international companies represented at this conference, which is the largest pharmaceutical equipment exhibition in the world.

AAF Product Demonstration at CIPM 2018

AAF's comprehensive intelligent data tools and product solutions for the pharmaceutical industry attracted many booth visitors from all across the globe. These products included AAF's new high purity housing modules, a full range of high temperature products, and biosafety containment filter housings. AAF demonstrated the differences between eFRM membrane media, which is made up of dual layers of expanded Fluororesin membrane, and microglass, which is made up of borosilicate glass fibers and adhesive binders. eFRM is designed specifically for applications where high concentrations of oil-based test aerosols, such as PAO, and fine particulate are present. 

AAF Filter Display at CIPM 2018

AAF also demonstrated the power of our TCO Diagnostic® intelligent data tool, a patented platform that evaluates up to 4 stages of filtration in order to optimize a facility's filtration system, based on filter cost, energy consumption, and service cycle. This powerful tool depicts relative costs by filter stage and generates written reports clearly illustrating calculated energy savings. 

TCO Diagnostic, reduce total cost of ownership

AAF's high performance DriPak® NX bag filter was showcased as well. This filter, which provides best-in-class energy efficiency performance, is ideal for prefiltration for critical cleanroom processes.

AAF's Sean O'Reilly demonstrating product at CIPM 2018

Sean O'Reilly, AAF's Vice President for Strategic Business Initiatives, delivered a keynote speech at the exposition titled "Standards-Testing-Filter Applications for the Life Science Industry." Sean spoke on testing and monitoring requirements, HEPA membrane technology, supply and exhaust housing options, and industry trends.

AAF clearly demonstrated our commitment to thought leadership and innovation with a dynamic booth at CIPM that showcased our innovative approach to filtration and intelligent data tools, all designed to save our customers time and money. We are extremely happy with the reception we received at the show, and we will continue to innovate in order to bring clean air to life for you.