segunda-feira, 4 de junho de 2018

SAAF Tech Tools article published in International Filtration News 

AAF's Dr. Rahul Bharadwaj and Dr. Jon Rajala wrote an article recently published in International Filtration News titled "SAAF™ Tech Tools: Decision Science Solutions for Gas Phase Filtration Applications." This article delves into the challenge of selecting an appropriate gas phase filtration solution for a customer issue. What chemicals are present in the air? What is the right media to adsorb these chemicals? What is the right type of equipment needed? How long will the media last before it needs to be changed? Rahul and Jon demonstrate how AAF's SAAF Tech Tools can help the user intuitively select an appropriate solution for a specific application and ensure that the customer’s concerns regarding harmful gases in occupied spaces will be handled safely.

SAAF Tech Tools is a chemical media selection tool to configure clean air solutions.

A screenshot of the media selection process in SAAF Tech Tools

The article may be accessed directly here, starting on page 20. More information on SAAF Tech Tools can also be found here.