quarta-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2017

Air. It's everywhere.

In our homes. Our workplaces. Hospitals. Schools. It's what makes our lives possible. But billions of unseen particles are floating around us at any given moment -- affecting our health, how well we breathe, the instruments that operate our facilities, and the products we produce.

And yet, delivering, maintaining, and measuring indoor air quality isn't easy. Fortunately, AAF and Flanders have come together to form AAF Flanders: delivering the latest advancements in filtration system design, analysis, optimization, and monitoring to help organizations save time and money while reducing risk -- and experience the clean air difference.

With an unwavering commitment to continual innovation in air filtration, AAF Flanders has developed four new intelligent data tools, including Sensor360TM, TCO Diagnostic®, SAAFTM Tech Tools, and Equipment Configurator, in order to provide you with crucial time savings while improving air quality, minimizing TCO, and optimizing solution design.

Sensor360 intelligent data tool to optimize air filtration

Experience the Invisible Made Visible with the Sensor360 - Coming Spring 2017

Our new app-driven HVAC sensor technology, Sensor360, tracks and notifies facility teams regarding filtration system performance, including location, air handler unit, filtration type, pressure drop, energy consumption, and more -- including air quality monitoring of PM 2.5 levels. These key HVAC performance drivers provide the crucial insights required for truly customized facility optimization

 TCO Diagnostic – Optimizing Maintenance Schedules & Total Cost of Ownership - Available Now

HVAC systems are the #1 systems affected by deferred maintenance, which can lead to premature equipment failure, facility disrepair, costly insurance claims, and energy overspending. TCO Diagnostic is an HVAC filtration system analysis program that helps reduce deferred maintenance backlogs and decrease reactive time by analyzing system data, optimizing preventative maintenance schedules, and extending changeout cycles. This tool provides a complete optimization of your filtration system, saving you time and money while also reducing risk. 

SAAF Tech Tools to simplify gas-phase applications

SAAF Tech Tools - Simplifying Gas-Phase Applications - Coming Spring 2017

SAAF Tech Tools simplifies the complexities surrounding gas-phase applications so that you can respond quickly, confidently, and accurately to customer requests via a guided problem-solving experience. Our decision science software walks you through the entire process using application-specific data and predefined applications, including industry-specific information. From there, our software works to identify optimal media solutions, the size or volume required, their projected efficiency on a given application, and the equipment needed -- ultimately creating a rapidly customized submittal package.

Equipment Configurator - accelerating intelligent design

Equipment Configurator – Accelerating Intelligent Design - Available Now

Generating proposals for even the most basic equipment projects often requires more time than you have to give. Creating custom designs, determining pricing, and waiting for responses from both manufacturers and customers saps productivity and extends sales cycles. But with Equipment Configurator, you can better address the needs of customers and deliver proposals faster than ever before. Our guided design experience for Containment Equipment and ASHRAE Housings empowers you to respond quickly, confidently, and accurately to pricing and design requests, including full CAD drawings and specifications.