quarta-feira, 1 de julho de 2015

American Air Filter® introduced their newest product in air filtration innovation, the Weld Fume Extractor. This lightweight, portable filter unit is equipped with IFA-W3 certified two-stage filtering with a HEPA rated primary filter.

The Weld Fume Extractor is a robust filter unit that was built for frequent use and requires minimal maintenance. Its durable steel housing is powder coated and hermetically sealed to ensure there are no air leaks.

It offers unrivalled weld smoke removal performance, wherever and whenever. The versatile portability and simple filter change out make this unit the right choice for companies that need dynamic workspaces in today’s lean manufacturing environment.

A unique “stay-in-place” exhaust arm swivels 360 degrees to give welders an unmatched freedom of movement with very little effort. The extraction hood, located at the end of the exhaust arm, captures hazardous substances, which are passed through two filter stages. Purified air is then returned to the working area. The extraction hood is also easy to move and is self-supporting so it can maintain any desired position. No compressed air is required.

With AAF’s Weld Fume Extractor, superior fume extraction for today’s metalworking processes, including the welding of stainless steel, is guaranteed. A filter monitor is included to increase safety for welders and all other personnel. Harmful weld smoke is removed from the application area to protect operators who are likely to be exposed to the fumes.


AAF International, a member of DAIKIN Group, has been providing world-class air filtration products and services since 1921. Based in Louisville, Ky., AAF maintains operations in 26 countries and has more than 3,500 employees worldwide. AAF designs, develops and manufactures air filtration solutions for commercial, healthcare, cleanroom, transportation, nuclear, diesel and gas turbine power applications, and specializes in providing industry-leading filtration equipment for all industrial applications. More information can be found online at www.aafintl.com.