quarta-feira, 1 de julho de 2015

American Air Filter® International is reintroducing the PulsePak® family with its newest member, the PulsePak® Prime. The PulsePak® Prime is a compact cartridge-type dust collector capable of operating in high dust loading applications, while achieving better efficiencies and longer lifespans than traditional baghouses.

This product provides users with a smaller footprint compared to traditional cartridge filters, without adversely affecting filtration performance. Typical applications include coal, mining, metalworking, food processing and pharmaceutical. The PulsePak® Prime excels in environments where dust loadings are high, while maintaining a low differential pressure. The PulsePak® Prime cartridge design allows for better cleaning over any other comparable design. The compact size is also ideal when space is limited. The PulsePak® Prime bridges the gap between the industry needs for baghouse designs and the performance requirements from cartridge collectors. It utilizes the industry-leading cartridge media, REDClean™ N, in a unique configuration to allow for use in traditional baghouse applications. Multiple modules can be combined to accommodate large flow requirements.

A true downflow design is featured with an un-obstructed downward flow of dirty air to reduce turbulence and lower the differential pressure. Its lone sealing surface reduces the chance for leakage, while the compact panel filter design, utilizing REDClean™ N media, allows for greater filter surface area in a smaller footprint than traditional cartridge filters.

REDClean™ media is standard in the PulsePak® Prime, allowing for improved high-efficiency particulate removal.

For more information on the PulsePak® Prime, please contact Pam Henley, Manager of Marketing and Communications – Power & Industrial Division, at phenley@aafintl.com.


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