quarta-feira, 1 de julho de 2015
This week, American Air Filter® introduced its newest member of the FabriPulse® family of bag collectors, the FabriPulse® Fusion. The FabriPulse® Fusion is the optimum solution to a variety of air quality problems, and can be tailored to specific application requirements. It was specifically developed to push back the boundaries of traditional dust collection to create an unbeatable blend of high-performance filtration and innate strength.

Some key benefits of using the Fusion include a minimum life cycle cost, low power consumption, ease of maintenance, reduced emissions and a compact modular design.

The flexible, modular design is easy to install and service, and it meets the stringent efficiency requirements mandated by today’s environmental regulations. Each FabriPulse® Fusion is constructed from a combination of three different, basic modules, allowing selection from a wide range of filter sizes.

The Fusion has a maximum filtration area in a minimum size filter house, and was designed to adapt to changes in emission regulations, while maintaining the lowest flange-to-flange differential pressure.

AAF’s FabriPulse® Fusion was designed to ensure an optimum residual differential pressure to maximize dust loading, which enhances efficiency by acting as a filter aid, reducing operational costs. Compressed air is used to automatically clean the filter media, ensuring maximum efficiency during continuous operation.

For more information on the FabriPulse® Fusion, please contact Pam Henley, Manager of Marketing and Communications – Power & Industrial Division, at phenley@aafintl.com.


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