Apr 04-06 , 2018
Kansas City, Missouri

Phil Whitaker, President & CEO, AAF Flanders, and Jerry McGuire, Global Vice President of Marketing, AAF Flanders, will both present at the NAFA 2018 Technical Seminar.

 Phil Whitaker presenting at NAFA 2018 Technical Seminar        

Regulations for Improved IAQ - Current State and Future Opportunities

In order to protect human health, nearly every product prepared for human consumption is subject to rigorous government regulation. Foods, beverages, and medications all face strictly enforced standards for cleanliness, and yet, even though we consume ~2,000x more air than we do food and water combined, the air we breathe remains largely unregulated. In this session, Phil Whitaker will review recent research compiled on the current state of IAQ regulation and what future regulatory opportunities may exist to raise the standards for clean indoor air.

 Jerry McGuire speaking at NAFA 2018 Technical Seminar        

IoT for IAQ: Megatrends, Microtrends, and What it Means for the Future of Air Filtration 

For decades, industry experts have been suggesting that the IAQ revolution is upon us, only to be repeatedly disappointed by a consistent failure to launch. However, the recent advent of rapidly scalable Industrial IoT, combined with key global megatrends and facility management microtrends, present a perfect storm of opportunity that could change the future of our industry forever. In this session, Jerry McGuire will share research based insights on what’s driving the change and what it could mean for the future of our industry.