Produkta pārskats

  • Kvarca kristāla mikrobalansēšanas tehnoloģija mēra metāla un vides reakcijas izraisīto koroziju, izmantojot patentētu aparatūru un korozijas mērīšanas metodi
  • Kapacitāte uzraudzībai ir līdz pat 500 vietnēm, izmantojot vairākas SAAFShield noteikšanas iekārtas un vienu SAAFShield nolasīšanas ierīci
  • SAAFShield lasīšanas ierīce nodrošina formatētu datu pārskatu, izmantojot
  • SAAFShield sakaru modulis nodrošina vienkāršu integrāciju instrumentu komunikāciju tīklos ar 4-20 mA izeju
  • Nolasītie parametri ietver: kumulatīvo koroziju, papildu koroziju, temperatūru un relatīvo mitrumu

Tipisks pielietojums

Protecting Your Investment

The cost of downtime is the most significant consequence of electronic equipment corrosion and failure. In manufacturing, corrosion of electronic control equipment can lead to shutdown of the process and lost production time. In other industries, corrosion of server components means data center downtime: transactions stop, software applications for logistics cannot run, and data cannot be stored.

The SAAFShield Detecting Unit works together with either the SAAFShield Reading Unit or the SAAFShield Communications Module to display and trend corrosion data over time. The data can be used to evaluate operational procedures and environmental factors, allowing you to take immediate action and protect your electronics and processes.

Data Interpretation and Reporting

The SAAFShield RU logs data from the SAAFShield Detecting units, gathered either continuously or periodically. This data is uploaded onto the SAAFShield reporting website ( to compile a report for each site monitored. The report provides graphs summarizing data over the time period and relating it to existing standards. 

The SAAFShield CM continuously reads data from the SAAFShield Detecting Unit and transmits that data via a 4-20 mA signal that can be tied into either the building management or building control system. The CM also displays summary data regarding how the reactivity readings relate to existing industry standards, via an LCD display that is updated every 15 minutes.


Comparison Data for Evaluation

Industry standards exist for protection of legacy electronics in process control rooms (ISA 71.04-1985), and for ROHS compliant electronics used in control rooms, data centers, tire facilities, and other areas (ASHRAE TC 9.9 Guideline & ISA 71.04-2013).  Archives and museums are also correlated to reactivity monitoring results. The data from SAAFShield Technology can be directly related to these standards, to evaluate the condition of spaces housing critical electronics or archival materials.






Highly Accurate Frequency Readings

SAAFShield Technology utilizes quartz crystal microbalances to sense the corrosion of metal due to reactions with the environment. These microbalances remove the effects of non-corrosive environmental factors, such as particulate matter in the air, temperature, and humidity, to provide more accurate and stable frequency readings and resulting reactivity detection.