Jan 27 , 2017

RotoClone DownVent
AAF International, a global pioneer in world-class air filtration products has recently launched a new wet dust collector, the RotoClone® DownVent. Applying superior wet collection technology to the product makes the DownVent the perfect addition to RotoClone® family.

The RotoClone® DownVent excels in the efficient collection of light metals in metalworking environments to prevent the accumulation of explosive dusts and to ensure operators are not exposed to abrasive dust particles. The unit can be used on a variety of applications, including cutting, grinding, buffing and polishing, and is perfect for de-burring and bench-grinding operations.

It is a self-contained workstation combining both the downdraft table work surface and dust collector in a single compact arrangement. It features stainless steel wetted surfaces and a compact, ergonomic design to give plant managers placement flexibility and reduced space constraints, and requires minimal installation. Several sizes are available to meet individual location requirements.

New to the unit are adjustable tool shelves and a powerful LED work light to improve product quality and efficiency of production. It also requires less maintenance than a dry collector system since there are no filter elements to replace.