miércoles, 1 de julio de 2015
AAF International® is launching a new and improved version of its OptiFlo® cartridge collector. The new OptiFlo® RC creates a winning balance of innovation, resulting in lower operating costs, reduced maintenance and increased filtration performance. Design enhancements include a patented active mandrel to enhance filtration efficiency and a quick release door for ease of maintenance and minimized leakage.

The revolutionary new AAF cartridge support mechanism not only provides support for the filter cartridge, but also
 improves cleaning efficiency. When combined with the class-leading REDClean™ cartridge, the entire cartridge is cleaned, substantially reducing the use of compressed air, a key performance measure when selecting any reverse pulse jet cartridge collector. REDClean™ utilizes advanced nanofiber technology to deliver superior dust holding and dust release properties, which in turn lowers pressure drop. The reduction in compressed air use increases cartridge service life and offers significant savings on total cost of plant ownership.

Lower Compressed Air Use = Lower Power Consumption = Lower Operation Costs.

Through extensive engineering design efforts, the OptiFlo® RC is designed to handle
higher airflows while offering lower pressure drops. This, combined with a modular and compact design, allows the OptiFlo® RC to reduce the overall plant footprint.

When requested, the system comes with a complete digital pulse cleaning control system designed to operate on pressure drop control, therefore maximizing operational cost savings. A Bag In/Bag Out design is available as a standard option where containment is critical.

Metalworking, food processing and pharmaceutical applications are just a few industries where the OptiFlo® RC thrives. It can be used for processes such as thermal spraying, metal grinding, food handling, tablet production and pill encapsulation.

For more information on the OptiFlo® RC, please contact Pam Henley, Manager of Marketing and Communications – Power & Industrial Division, at phenley@aafintl.com.


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