Resumen de producto

  • High MERV 15 (F9) efficiency
  • Sustainable performance over its operational life
  • Excels in high humidity
  • Low pressure drop
  • Long filter life

Sustainable Filtration Performance

The DuraShield S filter cartridge has been specifically designed to protect gas turbines and increase machine availability, while maintaining output.

High Efficiency

The DuraShield S has a high MERV 15 (F9) initial efficiency that will provide a sustainable performance over its operational life, increasing availability and reducing compressor fouling.

Particle Retention

The DuraShield S has excellent particle efficiency, capturing 100% of particles greater than 3 microns, 98% of particles between 1-3 microns and significantly 88% of particles below 1 micron.

Filter Life

It utilizes a depth-loading media with a high dust holding capacity, optimizing filter life even when humidity remains high for most of the day

Low Pressure Drop

The unique blend of sustainable depth-loading fibers and superior pleat geometry reduces the initial pressure drop of the cartridge.

Excels in High Humidity

The DuraShield S media is hydrophobic, withstanding high humidity from mists, fogs or sustained levels of rain so differential pressure can remain predictable and stable.

HydroSleeve® pre-filter wrap option

AAF’s HydroSleeve pre-filter wrap will extend the life of the DuraShield S cartridge filter. It captures large particulate and is a cost-effective solution.