Rheem Dust and Pollen

Pleated Air Filter, MERV 8 (FPR 4)

MERV 8 (FPR 4), 1-Inch

Capture 6x more harmful particles such as dust, dirt and allergens versus a basic fiberglass filter.

  • Excellent upgrade from ordinary fiberglass air filters
  • Reduces contaminants that may cause allergies
  • MERV 8 (FPR 4) rating: Highly efficient at removing airborne particles including: Dust and Lint, Dust Mite Debris, Pollen and Pet Dander
  • Easy to install and lasts up to 90 days (vs. only 30 days with a fiberglass filter)
  • Available in a variety of 1” sizes to fit any household HVAC system

Protection Against

Filter Details

The Rheem Dust & Pollen Pleated air filter is made of a wire-backed pleated media. This filter provides up to 90 days of protection against many airborne particles that can aggravate seasonal allergies and cause unhealthy environments. Convenient and easy to replace which makes it a great choice for improving indoor air quality. The Rheem Dust & Pollen is effective against the following contaminants: dust and lint, dust mite debris, pollen, and pet dander. UL Classified.